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Two Fabrics

With the arrival of the modern-day rug as we know it and a quick trip to your local carpet store, the Rug takes pride of place in your home. But cleaning these different types from silk to Rayon - Viscose requires specialist knowledge. 


Here at DNR Clean Specialist Rug cleaning in Kenley, our preferred method of work consists of an initial site visit to meet with yourself and inspect the rug, this first visit allows us to become familiar with the type of fibre, this is done with our fibre identification testing process after we have gained an understanding of the fibre we then have the opportunity to ask all the relevant questions, this then helps our operative to determine the best-suited solution to the process.


At this point, we discuss the various options with the client, as all our rugs are carefully packed up and taken back to our specialist cleaning unit where they get the attention to detail they deserve, from thorough back dusting, to gentle cleaning and monitoring before being left to dry using our high powered air drying machines. 

Here at DNR Clean Specialist Rug cleaning Kenley we understand your specialised rug is more than just a rug but a piece of history for you to cherish, and all our operatives work to a high standard ensuring your specialist rug is completed on time, all the time, every time.

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