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Is it home from home? or that weekend retreat!.  


Cleaning your furnishings may be at the bottom of your list of priorities whilst relaxing on your break away in your holiday home, or caravan park, just think of all the sand, the dirt, dropped food, and spilt drinks. Especially if you have young children, pets or both. Over time this all breeds bacteria, and foul odours not to mention looking unsightly.


At DNR Clean our dedicated carpet & Upholstery cleaning specialists will bring the life and soul back to your holiday home, so you can enjoy the fresh feeling on your next vacation.  We take pride and enjoyment in helping you by keeping your Caravan or holiday home sparkling, allowing you more time for your other commitments like sandcastles and ice cream. 


One phone call to DNR clean will eliminate the stress and take care of your holiday home. Whether you have a one-off clean, or twice annually, We can assist!



  • Dedicated, reliable cleaning operatives.

  • Friendly and flexible to suit your requirements.

  • Fully insured and trained staff.  

  • And every clean gets that DNR clean.