Frequently asked questions

How soon must I cancel my appoinment?

You must cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time or a cancellation fee of half the initial cost is payable.

Do I need to provide any of the cleaning products/materials or equiptment?

No. Not unless you have some specific products or equipment you want us to use. All our trained technicians have the equipment necessary to carry out all work to a platinum standard.

Do your wash windows?

We do clean windows inside and out, and our window technicians are specialists in their feild.

If I do not cancel my appointment within 24 hours will there be a charge?

Yes there will be a fee of half of the total cost for the service(s) scheduled.

Are you insured against damage

Yes DNR clean are insured against damage resulting from technicians fault.

How long are my carpets wet for

Your carpets & upholstery will be damp for approximatly 2 hours after cleaning, dependant upon ambient temperature

Do you cater for people with breathing problems ie Asthma / Copd

We use variouse machines including a warm water solution machine, that lets of no vapour from chemicals that otherwise a hot steam machine would. We also only use enviromentaly friendly solutions that contain only natural ingrediants. We find these machines and solutions far more enviromentaly friendly as they also use minamal electricity. making them ideal for clients with breathing problems and conciouse of their electricity usage.

How long after can i hoover the carpets

We recomend leaving at least 12 hours after the initial clean, but you can be good to hoover after the carpets feel dry to the touch.

Do you clean houses.

Yes we do! our team emjoy the challenge of cleaning domestic homes, as every clean is a different clean with differing challenges.